At our own manufacturing facility in Minsk, we carry out all stages of assembly:

Our production uses the equipment of the global leading manufacturers (Yamaha Motor Co., ITW EAE, SEHO Systems GmbH, BTU International, kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH, PBT Works s.r.o., Weller, VIKING etc.) It allows us to install the entire modern element base (chip components ranging from 01005, BGA and Flip-Chip, Fine-pitch components with pin spacing from 0.3 mm, etc.) in compliance with the demands for installation accuracy, ESD protection, soldering temperature (including lead-free alloys).

Having more than a decade of experience in PCB assembly we can guarantee a high-quality assembly of varying complexity: from LED lamps to industrial computers, from small household automation to the most complex embedded systems.

A well-developed multi-stage control system throughout all stages allows us to minimize the likelihood of defects occurring. Our quality control approach remains the same regardless of the number or purpose of the assemblies. We carefully check each manufactured PCBA at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Three independent fully automated SMT lines installed at our manufacturing site allow flexible planning and just-in-time mounting. Due to the flexibility of the manufacturing process, we can mount any number of assemblies: from one PCBA to tens of thousands of units.

If necessary to make changes to the installation after shipment, we are always ready to help our partners. Modern repair equipment at the production site allows to proceed high-quality repair and enhancement in full compliance with the mounting technology.

You can find photos of our production site in the Gallery section.